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Thank you for stepping up to get involved with Hood River County Republicans. We’re one of the smallest counties in Oregon, and your voice and your volunteer service can really make a difference.


With an important primary election in May 2022 and a critical national election in November 2022, we welcome all volunteers who will work diligently to help us reach our goal of electing candidates who represent our values and who will help our community thrive.


Please take a couple of minutes to complete this form to help us get to know you and to ensure that you find a place to serve that fits your interests, talents, and passions. We will be in touch with you quickly. Thank you, and welcome to the team of Hood River County Republicans.

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Current Issues

With the May primary behind us, it’s time for all of us to support our Republican candidates for elected office.

Republicans in Oregon elected the following nominees to represent us in the November General Election. It’s time to get in touch with these candidates, donate money to finance their campaigns, and volunteer your time and talents to help them reach voters with the Republican message.


All kind of help is needed, and no contribution is too small. Get involved, and working together with our candidates and other Republicans, let’s turn Oregon RED.

How to Write an Effective Letter to the Editor

  1. Be timely. Write the letter as close in time as possible to when the issue arises. Web submission forms are the fastest way to get your letter into the hands of the editor. Timeliness is critical.


  1. Be respectful. Name calling, personal attacks, and crude language are not persuasive and may prevent publication of your letter.


  1. Be original. Express your opinion in your own words. Form letters are rarely published.


  1. Be concise. Make one or at most two closely related points and give persuasive reasons or evidence to support them. Be sure to identify the issue at hand in the first couple sentences. Readers often lose interest if a letter is too long. Aim for fewer than 200 words.


  1. End your letter with a specific call to action. Be sure to specify who you are calling to action, even if it is just your own community. Use the names of specific legislators or officials as you suggest appropriate solutions to a legislative matter.


  1. Edit carefully. Spelling and grammar mistakes detract from your point. Before you submit it, always ask someone else to read your letter to look for errors and to be sure that your points are clearly made.


  1. Include complete identification. Always include your name, address, and phone number. Most media outlets will not publish your address, but they use it to verify the authenticity of the letter. Failure to include this information is the most common reason letters are not published.


  1. Follow up. If you really want your letter to be especially effective, follow up by sending a clipping of the published letter and a brief cover note asking the legislator or official about the issue.


News Media Outlets

The Columbia Gorge News

Letters (350 words or less) must be signed, accurate, free from libel, and include the writer’s name, telephone number, street address (which will not be printed) and city of residence for verification. (If your letter hasn’t been published, call 541-506-4601.)

Columbia Community Connection

The Sandy Post
P.O. Box 68

Sandy, Or 97055


The Oregonian

The Oregonian/OregonLive

1500 S.W. First Ave., Suite 400
Portland, OR 97201

Letters of no more than 250 words must include your full address and daytime phone number, for verification purposes. Letters are published with the author’s name and city of residence. 

Be sure your vote counts

Register to vote. Registrarse para votar.

You must be registered 21 days prior to an election to vote. Be sure to choose your party.

Choose Republican as your party affiliation. Only registered Republicans can vote in the primary elections for the Republican Party.

Download a voter registration form, complete, and mail to Hood River County Elections Office.

601 State St

Hood River OR 97031-1871


Check your registration (English)

Verifique su registro de votante (Español)

Be sure your registration is current and accurate. Check your party affiliation for accuracy.

Check to see if your ballot has been received.(English)

Verifique si su boleta ha sido recibida (Spanish)